Information about Mortuary Science Schools

Mortuary science is a field that includes embalming, funeral services, and the preparation of corpses for their interment. State requirements for this field vary widely, but almost all locations within the United States require a bachelor's degree or the completion of a licensure exam.

What Mortuary Science Schools can Offer

Many colleges and universities across the United States offer Associate's and Bachelor's degrees in mortuary science. Apprenticeships are also available that can help you get a feel for the business. Typical topics covered at these schools include:

• Anatomy and physiology: A knowledge of how the human body reacts to different stimuli before and after death

• Embalming techniques: The methods used to preserve corpses so they may be viewed at wakes and funerals

• Restorative art: Techniques that can help restore a loved one who died violently or suffered an illness that left the body deteriorated

• Business management: An overview of business law as it pertains to funeral homes and mortuary services

• Interpersonal communication: The skills needed to help the living cope with their loss and prepare for a funeral service

Top Colleges for Mortuary Science

The success of a university's mortuary science program is determined by the credentials and the experience of faculty, the percentage of the student body that goes on to become licensed in the field, and the number of students that find placement with a funeral home or similar services. The current top schools for this field are as follows:

• University of Minnesota - Twin Cities in Minneapolis, Minnesota

• St. John's University in New York, New York

• Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois

• University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, Oklahoma

• American River College in Sacramento, California

• Cypress College in Cypress, California

• Lincoln College of New England in Southington, Connecticut

• Florida State College in Jacksonville, Florida

• Miami Dade College in Miami, Florida

• St. Petersburg College in Largo, Florida

Online Colleges

Mortuary science programs can be completed online if you desire. Some of the top online programs available in the United States include:

• Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia

• Post University in Waterbury, Connecticut

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High School Preparation and Admittance Procedures

Some of the required studies in this field include anatomy, chemistry and other sciences. It also requires the ability to speak to those who are struggling emotionally and to communicate effectively. You can prepare for this field in high school by taking these courses:

• Anatomy and Physiology

• Biology

• Chemistry

• Psychology

• Public Speaking

• Introduction to Business

In addition to good grades, you can increase your chances of getting into a top college by performing volunteer work. Offering your time at hospitals and nursing homes will give you a feel for the end of life process and the emotions that family members go through during that time. At your school, becoming a member of the Science Club can be useful in giving you some added experience that will help you during college applications.

This field is a very interesting, but it is also one that requires a person with a good head for science and business, a calm demeanor and the ability to speak well. If you want to give grieving families the best of care as they say farewell, this career is a good one for you.

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